I, Robert LaRosa, President and CEO of the Northshore Financial Group, started the company in October of 1987 and offered Life and Health insurance and Securities products. My goal was to analyze existing coverages and investments and then advise if they were on the path to achieving their financial goals for retirement and other dreams. I hired additional sales associates and trained them to do the same. We quickly discovered that adding mortgage and real estate to our conversation, and our product mix, was essential to accomplishing our client’s financial goals. These products dovetail perfectly with what we were already doing and eventually they took precedence in our company’s main focus.

I quickly realized that becoming a mortgage broker was necessary to offer a wide range of lending options. I never wanted to tell a client “no” when there was a loan product available through a different lender which I didn’t represent. This is what can happen when you apply for a loan through a retail bank or commercial bank.

Over the years, we’ve worked with many first time home buyers and experienced investors. We’ve successfully helped build real estate portfolios and developed strategies when investing in real estate. We’ve built programs to grow your real estate holdings and develop a real estate retirement pension income stream using “other people’s money” (renters). We’ve found that many investors want to take control of their retirement and invest in real estate instead of continuing to invest in the stock market. For this reason, we have become very experienced and knowledgeable in Self-Directed IRAs. We’ve also worked with many people who want to down size or eliminate their mortgage. For these reasons, we’ve added to our conversations Heloc’s and reverse mortgages to tap into the equity that you have in your property. We’ve developed a no stress buying experience when identifying and closing on your dream home using our “Buy before you Sell” program using our guarantee buyout bridge loan program.

There are so many options and ways available to invest in real estate. If you want to own one property or accumulate many properties, we can help you. Please let us partner with you and help you achieve your financial goals and your dreams.

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“Robert helped us navigate the mortgage company requirements to get us into our dream home! We were so grateful to have his knowledge and experience on our side.”

— The Gravning Family

David Forney – Loan Officer

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